TransducerM TM362 / TM362-P Introduction

The TransducerM TM362 and TM362-P both belong to the TM300 series, which are designed to provide balanced performance versus costs. The TM362 has excellent dynamic and static performance in terms of Roll/Pitch/Yaw measurement in a compact design of 3.5cm cubic dimensions (exclude brackets and cable), with thermal calibration (standard, unless otherwise specified when ordering) of its gyroscopes and accelerometers.  
The TM362-P, where the letter ‘P’ stands for Performance, inherits all TM362 features, differs in terms of having narrower Z-Axis gyroscopes measurement range but having better Yaw stability (much lower coefficient drifting).



Application scope:
The TM362 / TM362-P are designed for use with ground vehicles, drones, robotics, which are non-safety critical consumer and industrial applications; in addition, the TM362-P makes it possible for use in such as marine or autonomous guided vehicle applications where turn-on bias drifting is of major concern.

Excellent Reliability

With the advantage of vibration resistant, self-adapting drift compensation and professional calibration.

Newest fusion software

Sophisticated sensor fusion software onboard for outputting roll / pitch / yaw data.


TM362 / TM352-P shares the same main communication protocol with SYD Dynamics' other products, making it easy for upgrading or downgrading model choices for finding the optimal performance-cost balance.


Offers Serial port, CAN Bus, USB 2.0 interfaces and they can be accessed at the same time! To change configurations in real-time, or record data from a secondary port.

TransducerM TM362 / TM362-P Details


  • Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Quaternion, gravity direction output
  • Calibrated 3-axis gyroscopes, acceleromters and magnetometers output.
  • Self-adapting filter
  • Wide range thermal calibration
  • Digital compass
  • Sensor networking
  • Run-time static calibration
  • Easy debug


Resolution 0.01°/s 0.01°/s  0.01°/s  
Angle range -180° ~ 180° -90° ~ 90°  0° ~ 360°  
Static accuracy <0.3° <0.3° <0.8°    RMS Error1, 2, 3
Dynamic accuracy
<0.8° <0.8° 2.6° error1, 3 every 25 minutes (TM362)
     1.7° error1, 3 every 25 minutes (TM362-P)
RMS Error1, 2
1. According to test results in mostly laboratory environment,actual performance may vary depending on the motion dynamics.
2. Roll and Pitch error includes error introduced by communication latency at 115200 bps.
3. Typical city car driving dynamic condition, including sharp and slow turning, slopes, with fast and gentle accelerations and traffic light stops.


  • 35 x 48 x 35 (Including Mounting Brackets)
  • IP67 (With SF12 connector, otherwise main body only)

TransducerM TM362_picture3


Shock Resistant and Active Magnetic Field Compensation:
The module is resistant to temporary shock or vibration, and features intelligent self-adapting filter for improved heading accuracy.

 Quality-of-Service (QoS)

SYD Dynamics’s motion module provides a measure of its healthiness, and notifies the host computer of potential drop of measurement quality upon extreme conditions, making it possible for integrating with reliability in mind.


  • UART (TTL 3.3V compatible with TTL 5.0V)
  • CAN 2.0B Standard and Extended ID (Configurable)
  • USB 2.0 (Full speed, USB Virtual COM Port profile)
  • Output Rate 200 Hz, 100 Hz, 50 Hz, 25 Hz, 10 Hz, 5 Hz, 1 Hz Typ.
The motion sensing module takes the advantages of a unique processing method developed by SYD Dynamics. It offers very good dynamic performance while keeping the preciseness.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.



UAV, Industrial drone
Mobile robot
Under water robot


Autonomous driving 
Vehicle monitoring 


Stabilization equipment  
Tracking system