TransducerM TM151/TM171 Introduction

SYD Dynamics TransducerM Model no. TM151/TM171 are Attitude and Heading Reference Systems(AHRS).

The TM151/TM171 exhibit excellent dynamic and static performance in roll/pitch/yaw measurements, as well as outstanding yaw stability. 

Dedicated AHRS
Get the maximum performance with ultra cost effciency,
9-axis(which refers to 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer) heading and attitude instrument (including calibrated IMU)

Serial and USB dual port
we provide C/C++ communication library with example code.
It is also staightforward to write your own parsing code.

Configuration GUI
Offers configuration GUI (ImuAssistant),
setting and data logging.

Factory Calibration
22.5℃. Improved accuracy. 

The TransducerM TM151 / TM171 are designed to offer higher cost-performance ratios for consumer-grade and entry-level industrial products. The TM151/TM171 exhibit good dynamic and static performance in roll/pitch/yaw measurements. Their gyroscope and accelerometer feature room temperature calibration (standard product, unless otherwise specified at the time of order). The TM151/TM171 support various communication connection methods, including Type-C direct connection and serial communication. Additionally, the communication baseboard is configured with stamp holes for easy soldering and integration onto system circuit boards.
Compared to the TM151, the TM171 has better performance in dynamic measurement, specifically demonstrated by its superior dynamic tracking capabilities.

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Product Details

The TransducerM TM151 / TM171 highlights

  • Typital yaw drfiting down to 3.0° every 25 minutes(TM151) and 2.6°every 25 minutes(TM171) on flat surface.
    Typital dynamic error (based on the angle position table test1) roll pitch<1.5 °/h (TM151) and <1.0 °/h (TM171) on flat surface.
  • Yaw drifting can be zeroed using static start up or manually when API is called.
  • Improved ESD protection on TXD and RXD port.
    Adjustable UART baud rate.
  • Type-C ( USB 2.0 Virtual COM Port with Type-C connector)
  • Low energy consumption, 80mA at 5V typital.

1.TransducerM TM200 and above are based on dynamic city car driving test. 



Typical Performance

Resolution 0.01°/s 0.01°/s  
Yaw angle output range ±1000 °/s ±1000 °/s  
Dynamic accuracy

<1.5°/h (ROLL)

<1.5°/h (PITCH)

3.0° error every 25 minutes (HEADING)

<1.0°/h (ROLL)

<1.0°/h (PITCH)

2.6° error every 25 minutes (HEADING)

RMS Error1, 2, 3
Non-linearity 0.3% FS 0.2% FS  
Output rate
(depending on configurations)
400, 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1 800, 400, 200, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1 Hz

1. According to test results mostly in laboratory environment.
2. Typical city car driving dynamic condition on flat surface, including sharp and slow turning, with fast and gentle accelerations and traffic light stops.
3. Typical hourly drifting on yaw angle when sitting the TM151 and TM171 stationary.


  • 40 x 34 x 12.6 mm.
  • Mechanical drawing. Unit: mm [inch], Mounting holes: M3.
  • The TM151 and the TM171 shares the same mechanical dimension


SYD Dynamics’s motion module provides a measure of its healthiness, and notifies the host computer of potential drop of measurement quality upon extreme conditions, making it possible for integrating with reliability in mind.


The TransducerM TM151 and TM171 communicates through dual ports:

  • UART (TTL serial port, TTL 3.3V and 5V compatible)
  • Type-C ( USB 2.0 Virtual COM Port with Type-C connector)
  • Output rate 800Hz (TM171 only), 400Hz,200Hz,100Hz,50Hz,25Hz,10Hz,5Hz,1Hz configurable               

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Mobile robot
Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV)


Autonomous driving
Vehicle monitoring


platform Stabilization
Model Plane
Tracking system