SYD Dynamics technology allows for accurate sensing of motion such as attitude, rotation, acceleration and position. Based on advanced sensor fusion technology, our product provides high-performance 3D motion sensing on varieties of applications include Mobile Robot, AGV, UAV, AUV, Antenna Stabilization, etc. All solutions are delivered with user-friendly interface which is optimized on its easy programmability. Hardware integration becomes much simple, as we will help you finish it in the fastest way with well-designed software, straightforward user guide and close technical support.

Attitude Sensing


TransducerM Economy-Series in the city car driving test, with Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) as a comparison, the relative error is calculated as follows (unit: degree).

The performance demonstrated by TransducerM during the test shows a good result which also surpasses the rated performance of 2 degrees dynamic accuracy of roll and pitch and 4.6 degrees of yaw accuracy from its datasheet. The RMS value of the yaw angle of the TransducerM accumulates over time, which matches the normal behavior of a MEMS gyro when no GPS heading reference is available. The difference of Yaw angle between TransducerM and FOG shows some obvious jitter during the last 200 seconds due to the drifting of the time stamp between these two different systems, which can be corrected under real application using some synchronization technics and under which circumstance the TransducerM should have an even smaller (better) RMS value for the yaw accuracy.


TransducerM Performance-Series is an upgradation of normal TransducerM, with enhanced precision and wider operation temperature range. It is an ideal IMU and AHRS solution for outdoor applications on commercial, industrial and agriculture applications. With SYD Dynamics real-time data processing technologies, typical output error is eliminated to the maximum extend, enhancing the overall performance.



TransducerM indoor positioning test for a mobile robot with wheel odometer. The error rate of 0.133% is among the highest in the market, noticeably better than typical rate around 0.4%. In addition, we are able to do 3D estimation instead of 2D. If we also take the price point into account, SYD Dynamics offers are also very cost effective solutions.